Analytical Tools

Our analytical & profiling tools to guide you on the road to success.

CoreValue Advisor Software®

 Award-winning analytical software with a proven track record of driving growth on multiple levels.



CoreValue Advisor Software® is a  business consulting system that analyses the inner mechanisms of your business – identifying when and how to drive growth. The process results in a detailed roadmap  to guide you on your path to success.


An initial discovery session is followed by a deep-dive analysis, comparing your business against 18 value drivers, 78 sub-drivers, and thousands of comparable businesses. The result pinpoints untapped growth opportunities for your business while also identifying weak spots.  


The analysis produces a short and long-term targeted growth plan, ranking the value and implementation level of the tasks. The results are tracked, providing essential insight into the value generated by each task. The end result is a clear idea on exactly how to maximise the potential of your business.

Flow and Performance Consulting

Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics
Powerful profiling tools to inspire a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you.


Flow and Performance consulting is an empowering profiling programme that guides entrepreneurs, managers and their teams to discover where their true strengths lie.

Wealth Dynamics is designed for entrepreneurs, to help them uncover their individual “flow” –  a deeper understanding of themselves and their strengths.

Talent Dynamics is aimed at managers and their teams, to enable them to gain insight into where their true potential lies and, as a result, get more “in flow”.

Both of these profile tests assess your personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviour, by asking pertinent and revealing questions.



The result of these profiling tests is that your  “flow” is identified, which is  the correct pathway to a more productive state.

With Wealth Dynamics, once your flow is  uncovered, your natural pathway will be revealed and your purpose will become clear. You will find what you are truly good at, and passionate about, and will be better focused on what you do best.

For Talent Dynamics, teamwork will improve as the managers and their team members will not only better understand themselves, but will also be able to be tasked according to their strengths. The end result? A manager who understand the value they can bring to the team and a motivated, productive team 



Craft a dynamic, forward-thinking strategy with StratPlan.



StratPlan is strategic planning software that equips one with an extensive toolkit to create & drive a clear forward-thinking strategy for your business.

Outcomes and value is measured along the way to ensure you are on the correct track.


A comprehensive analysis takes a look at where you want to get to, what improvements to make to reach your goals, and what hurdles stand in your way.

Internal mechanisms are evaluated and external threats are assessed, to give a thorough overview of the current state of your business.


The result is a clear view of the big picture.

An offensive and defensive strategy is implemented going forward and a comprehensive roadmap is created that sets, tracks and monitors tasks.

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